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Production Safety Systems


Our experienced staff provides expertise in the implementation of high integrity safety systems (SIS, ESD, HIPPS, etc.). We conduct hazard/ risk assessment, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) evaluations, Level Of Protection Analysis (LOPA), quantitative/ qualitative analysis for safety and reliability.


We are leaders in the integration of Fire, Gas and Safety Instrument Systems to deliver state of the art detection and protection systems.

downtime, improved utilization of test separators, production and maintenance assets.


Safety Instrumented Systems

· SIL verification

· Process hazards analysis

· Alarm management

· Layers of protection analysis

· Compliance programs

· Risk Analysis

· API 14C Analysis

· Alarm Management

· System Design

· System Verification

· PLC Configuration/ Programming

· Commissioning

· Validation

· Functional Testing/ Supervision

Risk Management

· Development of a clear statement of the risk criteria for various types of process hazards.

· Documentation of policies and procedures to assess and respond to identified process risk.

· Identification of resources required for executing policies and procedures.

      · Implementation of an audit process to evaluate compliance to policies and procedures


Standards & Practices

· Corporate Safety Instrumented Systems Standards

· Policy Concerning Risk Criteria.

· Policy Concerning the Management of Existing Safety Instrumented Systems.

· Hazard & Risk Analysis Procedures with Software.

· Outlining Use of Risk Criteria and Process Hazards Analysis Methods.

· Identification of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

· Assignment of Safety Integrity Levels (SIL).

· Process Engineering and I&E Design Guidelines for Safety Instrumented Systems.

· SIL Verification Procedure with Software.

· Data Collection and Analysis Process.

      · Management of Change Procedures